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Jan 01 2011
ICEL Excellence Newsletter

E-News January 2011

In This Issue
- 2011 Expectations
- Next Meeting, Jan 13, Work and Life Balance
- They Won't Sign the Credit Ap, Now What?
- Spotlight, Jolene Moses, CBA
- December Recap: Jordan High Bell Choir

Looking Ahead

Jan 10 - Spring Semester Starts
Business Credit Education for working credit personnel. More Info

Jan 13 - ICEL - Work & Life Balance by Sandra Negley  More Info

Feb 10 - ICEL - Credit According to Malcolm Gladwell

March 2 - Credit Boot Camp
More Info

March 10 - ICEL - Economic Update with Dr. Aric Krause

April 8 - NACM Stockholders Meeting & Dinner Gala

Why should I submit potential members to NACM?"

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers as well not just a one- way street. more Info



2011 Expectations

by Kelley Kunz, CCE, Martin Door Mfg.

It's hard to believe that 2010 is behind us. 2011 holds a lot of expectations. It also brings apprehension, anticipation, and a new beginning. I think most of us have high expectations for the coming year. Even though the last several years have been difficult, I think every year we look ahead for improvement. The ever popular "New Years Resolutions" are in the news, and I am thinking of making a few. View full article

Next ICEL Meeting

Thursday, Jan 13
Work and Life Balance
by Sandra Negley MTRS, CTRS

Life Balance ... Is this Possible?

It can be a difficult process to create a balanced life yet there are critical steps one can take to make change and have a greater quality of life. As human beings we structure our lives with calendars, day planners and lists that tell us where to be, who to be with and what to expect next. We place value on what we "do" and the doing becomes the direction of our lives. Engaging people in the practice of creating their life, by living with increased "balance" is possible.

Sandra is the author of the book, "Crossing the Bridge... A Journey in Self-Esteem, Relationships and Life Balance." She is nationally recognized for her personable touch and humorous manner; traveling nationwide speaking to hundreds of business leaders... View full article or RSVP online

11:45 am - 1:15 pm
Red Lion Hotel, 161 W 600 S, SLC, UT
$16 ICEL Members
$26 Non-ICEL Members
Buffet luncheon included

They Won't Sign The Credit Ap - Now What?

by Nina Flurer, CCE, H & E Equipment Service LLC

I don't know about you, but lately I have been running in to more and more customers that are refusing to sign credit applications. I suppose I can understand the reasoning. It's still a buyer's market and they don't want to pay an attorney to review the "legalese" in every credit application. So, what do you do when your sales team is going to management about you being the "sales prevention department" because you are "unreasonably" requiring that a customer sign your credit application? View full article

Spotlight, Jolene Moses, CBA, NACM BCS

by Toni Larsen, NACM BCS

Jolene came to NACM 3 years ago in December of 2007. Some of her responsibilities at NACM include new member contact, member retention, member data contribution and some industry credit group activity. Before coming to NACM, Jolene worked at Chateau Brickyard as their marketing director.

She is a regular at ICEL luncheons where she loves to socialize and be of assistance to members. She will be contacting many of you in 2011 to submit automated agings which will be a big time saver in the future both for members and NACM.

With no children at home Jolene is involved in several different organizations as a volunteer. She shares her time with the West Valley Women's Shelter and the Firefighters of Murray among others.

In her spare time, Jolene loves to read and find tranquility through Yoga.

Should you ever have questions about NACM services, take the time to chat with Jolene.

December Recap

by Janae Jeffs, CCE, Muir Enterprises Inc

The Jordan High Bell Choir

Our December meeting rang in the holidays with the Jordan High School Bell Choir entertaining us with beautiful music. This English bell choir is made up of eight students with Mr. Peter Steenblik as the director. It was magnificent to watch the high school students ring the bells in perfect harmony creating well known and some original music. They even let ICEL members get in on the fun by trying to play "Jingle Bells." It is harder to ring a bell in the correct order and on cue than it looks. It made us appreciate the time spent by these students.

The lunch was wonderful and many ICEL members were very generous to our Charity - The Candy Cane Corner. Many gifts and cash were donated. There was even a very large jar of change presented to Shane Inglesby for Candy Cane Corner from JoAnn Mills, CBA, Deseret Book, which represented a year-long office project. Staff from Deseret Book put their extra change in the jar each day, and once a year they pick a charity to donate the accumulated money. This year they chose the Candy Cane Corner.

A big thanks to all for your generosity.