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Feb 01 2011
Excellence Newsletter

E-News March 2010

In This Issue
- Ground Hog Day
- Managing E-mail
- January Recap: Work & Life Balance
- Improve the Quality of your Outgoing Messages
- Spotlight, Erin Doll, CCE, Mountain States Supply, Inc.

Looking Ahead

February - NACM Member Contest
Collections Department More Info

Feb 10 - ICEL "Better Credit Decisions Are One Blink Away" Speaker: Mark Jones examines ways to improve your ability to make better decisions. More Info

Feb 15 - "Using Financial Statements & Tax Returns as a Credit Tool." Instructor: Scott W. Lee, JD, CPA, CCE Your customers have financial statements which you can review ... if you know what to ask. More Info

Mar 2 - "Credit Boot Camp", Basic Training in Credit & Collections More Info

Mar 10 - ICEL "Economic Landscape for Extending Credit" with Dr. Aric Krause. More Info This is the Executive Appreciation Meeting. This is an excellent meeting to invite your boss to attend.

Mar 16 - "Best Practices for Utah Mechanic's Liens & Bonds" Instructor Dana Farmer, Esq. More Info

Mar 18 - "Southern Utah Mechanic's Lien Seminar" Instructor Scott Lee, JD, CCE More Info

Apr 8 - NACM Stockholders Meeting & Dinner Gala

Apr 14 - ICEL "The Anatomy of Peace" Presentation by Dana Farmer, Esq.

May 12 - ICEL "Mentoring" Speaker Judge Andrew Valdez

May 22 - NACM's 115th Credit Congress & Exposition, Nashville, TN More Info
You can register for Credit Congress thru Georgette Bevan

Why should I submit potential members to NACM?

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers as well it's not just a one-way street. more Info



Ground Hog Day

by Kelley Kunz, CCE, Martin Door Mfg

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in the movie Ground Hog Day? You repeat the same thing day after day after day. In your job you contact the same companies week after week. You wait for the weekend for something different to come along or you wait for that customer to get paid on the "big job."

We work very hard to collect but may find ourselves repeating the same things over and over. In the credit, collections, and receivables careers it is not always easy to be happy at work. Your departments are very stressful. You often hear of personal problems and those hardships affect you. View full article.

Managing Email

by Shane Inglesby, CCE, Geneva Rock Products, Inc.

One of my all-time favorite cartoon strips is one from Dilbert which shows him walking to the mailbox. As he returns to his home, mail in hand, he says, "I receive mail, therefore, I am." This strip has become a near permanent fixture on my refrigerator because of the truth it contains for our family. We always look forward to seeing what comes in the mail. When something out of the ordinary arrives, it can add new meaning to a day and, as alluded to by Dilbert, justifies our existence.

In many ways email is the modern-day version of that Dilbert strip. It is common to hear co-workers and associates talk of how many emails they have to get through after having been out of the office for a period of time. Such declarations are made in the same spirit as Dilbert returning to his home. The fact that someone receives so many emails during a period of time seems to validate the worth of that individual. View full article

January Recap: Work and Life Balance

by Shanna Sorge, CBF, Easton Technical Equipment

Balance... Is It Possible? That's the question Sandra Negley, MS, MTRS/CTRS, an instructor at the University of Utah, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism asked ICEL members in January.

It can be a difficult process to create a balanced life yet there are critical steps one can take to make change and have a greater quality of life. As human beings we structure our lives with calendars, day planners and to-do lists that tell us where we need to be or who to be with. We place value on what we "do" and the doing becomes the direction of our lives. Engaging people in the practice of creating their life by living with increased "balance" is possible. View full article

Improve the Quality of Your Outgoing Messages

by Ellen Reddick (reprinted with permission)

You call someone and get his voicemail telling you that he will be out of the office until July 6th. The only problem is it's September 8th when you place the call.

You call a big organization but still cannot get in touch with a living, breathing person no matter what combination of buttons you push, and you have already left three messages and received no returned phone call.

Someone leaves you a message, but you cannot clearly hear her name or number. The only part of the message that is understandable is that the call is urgent... View full article

Spotlight: Erin Doll, CCE

by Sandra Brown, Schmidt Signs Inc.

Erin Doll, CCE, Credit Supervisor, Mountain Contractors Supply, has worked in credit for 12+ years. She has worked at Mountain Contractors Supply since 2006. Prior to that, she was at Pella Windows & Doors after moving to Salt Lake from California.

Erin has her BA from CSUB in History & International Relations, her MA from CSUB in International Affairs, and her CBA & CCE designations.

Erin has a 3 yr old son, Noah, and a four-legged baby named Corky. She loves to scrapbook, read, play with her son, and volunteers at church and MOPS. She LOVES being a part of ICEL and NACM. She has learned so much and has become much more productive thanks to both organizations.