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Mar 01 2011
Credit Line Newsletter
E-News March 2011

In This Issue
- Bond Claims on Constructions Jobs
- Joyce Boyd 1915-2011
- Intent to Lien - A Weapon of Choice
- Demand For Payment Success
- NACM Board of Directors April Election

Looking Ahead

Mar 2 - "Credit Boot Camp", Basic Training in Credit & Collections More Info

Mar 10 - ICEL "Economic Landscape for Extending Credit" with Dr. Aric Krause. More Info This is the Executive Appreciation Meeting. This is an excellent meeting to invite your boss to attend.

Mar 16 - "Best Practices for Utah Mechanic's Liens & Bonds," Instructor Dana Farmer, Esq. More Info

Mar 18 - "Southern Utah Mechanic's Lien Seminar" Instructor Scott Lee, JD, CCE More Info

Apr 8 - NACM Stockholders Meeting & Dinner Gala - Watch for the 2 for the price of 1 sale!

Apr 14 - ICEL "The Anatomy of Peace" Presentation by Dana Farmer, Esq.

May 12 - ICEL "Mentoring" Speaker Judge Andrew Valdez

May 22 - NACM's 115th Credit Congress & Exposition, Nashville, TN
More Info
You can register for Credit Congress thru Georgette Bevan

Why should I submit potential members to NACM?"

Are you tired of dealing with
credit reference requests?

Direct the requesting company info to NACM. As a member they will have access to our reports. You will get fewer credit reference requests and their information will be added to your NACM reports.


Bond Claims on Construction Jobs

by Scott W Lee, CCE, Attorney at Law, VP NACM BCS

I as I speak with people in the industry, I find that fewer people are aware that bond claims may also be available.

A bond is similar to a guarantee. It is a third party saying if Joe doesn't take care of this, I will. There are two types of bonds on construction projects: 1) the performance bond; and, 2) the payment bond. You will likely be more interested in the payment bond. View full article

Joyce Boyd 1915-2011

Joyce Boyd, a faithful member and dear friend to anyone who knew her, passed away Friday, February 25th, 2011 at the age of 96. Joyce worked for Henderson Wheel &Warehouse Supply for 59 years, retiring at the age of 85.She was a founding member of the NACM Intermountain Association of Credit Women which is now known as The Intermountain Credit Education League (ICEL). Joyce was the first woman to serve on the board of directors of the National Association of Credit Men, serving as chairman 1972-1973.

Joyce was a regular attendee of the NACM National Credit Congress and Expo, mentoring and supporting the careers and credit education of many credit managers, who became friends.

Her sharp intellect and vivacious spark of life will be greatly missed and long remembered.

Intent to Lien Letter - A Weapon of Choice

by Mark Jones, Geneva Rock Products, Inc.

Think of the excitement you create when you mail a certified letter. The anticipation of seeing who would send a certified letter, soon turns to dissolution and frustration when they see it is a Notice of Intent to Lien their property. Nine of out ten, you will get some type of response. Unfortunately, they are rarely positive, but it is a response nonetheless. As credit professionals we sometimes create challenges for ourselves in order to get results.

The questions we need to ask ourselves are: 1) what is our objective; and 2) when do we take action to be most effective

Our main objective is to make as much noise to the property owner, general contractor or subcontractor, and anyone else who will listen, to let them know you are not getting paid. Then follow up with the necessary legal action required to protect the assets of your company. View full article

Demand For Payment Success!

Collection Department News

Is the economy improving? The NACM Collection Department reports seeing a rise in the number of its placed for demand resolutions. Companies appear to be more motivated and better able to make payment arrangements on cases placed for collection with NACM.

Now may a good time to move those difficult accounts to NACM for collection. It's the motivator many accounts need.

January Collection Department Contest Winner! Ailisa Wheeler, CBA, C H Spencer Company, was the winner of an overnight stay at and breakfast for two at the Red Lion Hotel.

During January and February the Collection Department put names in a hat based upon every $5,000 submitted to NACM for collection. Watch next month to see who is our February winner.

NACM Board of Directors April Election


NACM Members will cast electronic votes in the Election of Board Directors this year. On Friday, March 18th, the member of record for each NACM member company will receive an email with an exclusive link to their electronic ballot. You may vote for three (3) of the following six candidates.

Nominees for the NACM Board of Directors

Allen Vickers, CCE A & K Railroad Materials
Fred Call, MBA A G Truck Equipment Company
Larry Brooks, CPA, CCE ARUP
Nicole Hicks, CBF Allied Building Products
Jamie Siglin, CBF Interior Window Design
DeAnna Leahy, CCE Sunroc Corporation

Elections will cease at 9:00 a.m on April 8th and new directors will be announced at the Stockholders Meeting to be held at Gardner Village later that same day.