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Apr 01 2011
Credit Line Newsletter
E-News April 2011

In This Issue
- What Separates Good Mangers from Great Managers
- NACM A Reliable Credit Resource
- Essential Business Credit Ethics
- NACM Board of Directors Election

Looking Ahead

Apr 8 - NACM Boot Scoot, Stockholders Meeting and a Boot Scoot'n good time with local rock band Sunset Ride More Info

Apr 14 - ICEL "The Anatany of Peace" Speaker Dana Farmer, JD More Info

Ap 19 - Bankruptcy: What Credit Managers Need to Know, Speaker Steve Elggren, JD More Info

May 12 - ICEL "Mentoring" Speaker Judge Andrew Valdez

May 22 - NACM's 115th Credit Congress & Exposition, Nashville, TN
More Info

You can register for Credit Congress thru Georgette Bevan

Congratulations Lisa Sessions of Geneva Pipe, the Feb. Collection Department Contest  More Info

Why should I submit potential members to NACM?"

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers as well not just a one- way street. more Info



What Separates Good Managers from Great Managers

by Susan Archibeque, CCE, Nicholas & Co

In my years in management I have experienced first hand a shift in what business owners and executives are looking for in their management team. Company executives are looking for leaders that not only achieve goals and objectives, but posses the talent to build relationships with team members, customers, and business associates. They realize that groups made up of people at all intellectual levels, different perspectives, talents, and opinions often perform better than any one individual. View full article

NACM A Reliable Credit Source

by Mark Jones, Geneva Rock Products

Credit people today are always evaluating alternative criteria to become more effective in their jobs. We are all under time constraints and we need to determine the most efficient and effective way to make us more knowledgeable, comprehensive, and calculated risk takers. We need to be selective, yet have flexibility in our judgment of customers and projects to keep our companies revenue in the black. Once again, rely on NACM as our best credit partner. View full article

Essential Business Credit Ethics

by Shane Inglesby, CCE, Geneva Rock Products

As credit managers, we are entrusted with one of the largest assets of the company - accounts receivable. Our employers trust that we will manage this asset to the utmost of our ability and to the highest of standards. Dr. Charles L Gahala, CCE, stated, "The attitude and conduct of credit practitioners is what distinguishes individual credit managers as professionals."

Such an observation begs the question, what is your attitude and conduct as a credit manager? And...how do you measure it? And...do you qualify as a professional?

NACM has provided credit managers with a standard by which we can be measured in The Canons of Business Credit Ethics. Those who have pursued their professional designations should be very familiar with this document. View full article

NACM Director Election

Nominees for the NACM Board of Directors

Cast your ballot for three of the following candidates to serve as directors on the NACM Board of Directors:

Allen Vickers, CCEA & K Railroad Materials
Fred Call, MBAA G Truck Equipment Company
Larry Brooks, CPA, CCE ARUP
Nicole Hicks, CBFAllied Building Products
Jamie Siglin, CBFInterior Window Design
DeAnna Leahy, CCE Sunroc Corporation

Elections close at 9:00 am on Friday, April 8th, 2011. Election results will be announced at the NACM Boot Scoot and Stockholders meeting on Friday, April 8th. Questions? Contact GBevan@nacmint 801-433-6116. More info and registration.