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Apr 01 2011
ICEL Excellence Newsletter

E-News April 2011

In This Issue
- Farewell Challenge
- March Recap: The US Economy: 2011 Ed.
- Contractors, Subs & Suppliers
- Spotlight: Tamara Golden, Meadow Gold Dairies

Looking Ahead

Apr 8 - NACM Boot Scoot, Stockholders Meeting and a Boot Scoot'n good time with local rock band Sunset Ride More Info

Apr 14 - ICEL "The Anatany of Peace" Speaker Dana Farmer, JD More Info

Ap 19 - Bankruptcy: What Credit Managers Need to Know, Speaker Steve Elggren, JD More Info

May 12 - ICEL "Mentoring" Speaker Judge Andrew Valdez

May 22 - NACM's 115th Credit Congress & Exposition, Nashville, TN
More Info

You can register for Credit Congress thru Georgette Bevan

Why should I submit potential members to NACM?"

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers as well not just a one- way street. more Info



Farewell Challenge

by Kelley Kunz, CCE

This spring, my term as the ICEL Chairperson comes to an end. Before I go, I would like leave you with a farewell challenge. I challenge you to take just one step to increase your potential and your career. The first step is the hardest one! Take a deep breath and just do it. Make the committment to increase your skills and knowledge in the field of business credit management this spring.

Our struggling economy continues to limp along making excellence in credit management more important than ever. Wise credit decisions, effective management of risk, and prompt collections of accounts receivable are the life blood of business. What can you do to improve your perforance in these areas? View full article.

March Recap - The US Economy: 2011 Edition

by Melissa Mickelsen, CBA, Geneva Rock Products

Dr. Aric Krause, Westminster College, Professor of Economics, returned in March to speak on the U.S. Economy. Dr Krause's dynamic presentation style and enthusiasm for his subject are always enjoyed and appreciated by ICEL members. As he began his presentation, he promised that he would try to deliver a more optimistic forecast than he has in previous years; however, many of the statistics he shared did not lend themselves to that optimistic outlook. A few brief highlights include:

Since "the crisis" began in 2007, employment has grown primarily in sectors which are funded by the government, including education and health care. However, employment in professional and business services is also expected to grow in 2011. And the employment outlook is generally moving forward. In Utah, employment in construction and manufacturing is also expected to rise in 2011. View full article

Contractors, Subs & Suppliers

by Rebecca Knaak, Alder Sales Corp

A short recap of HB115 and HB260

Two bills which involve the construction industry--HB260 and HB115- passed in the 2011 Utah general legislative session. The two bills may be further hashed out in a June special session. But currently HB115 goes into effect July 1, 2011 and HB260 goes into effect August 1, 2011.

Here are the highlights, which especially affect contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. Please be aware that this is my simple run down of the new rules, and is not a complete recounting of the laws.   View full article 

These laws are scheduled for review in 2012 and 2013 and are sure to change, so stay tuned.  

Spotlight: Tamara Golden, Meadow Gold Dairies

by Shanna Sorge, CBF, Easton Technical Products

Tami has been working 15 years in business-to-business collections. And, on top of that, she has another 5 years in different parts of administrative work as a receptionist and duties assigned to her. Tami has been employed at C.R. England, Basic Research, and Industrial Supply and most recently at Meadow Gold Dairies.

Tami is the mother of four, two girls and two boys. She is also the grand-mother of seven, four boys and three girls, and a great-grandmother of three, two boys and one girl. Tami enjoys having BBQ's with family and friends and spending anytime she can with all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She has a Harley and enjoys riding that in her spare time. Tami also spends a lot of time in her garden and qualifies as a 'green thumb'.

Welcome to ICEL Tami!