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Oct 01 2011
Credit Line Newsletter
October 2011

In This Issue
- Traits of a Good Credit Manager - How Can I Improve?
- NACM Names New Director
- My Journey
- Be the BEST PENCIL You Can Be

Looking Ahead

Oct 5-7 Western Region Credit Conference at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. More Information

Oct 13 - ICEL "Change Anything" with Master Trainer Neil Staker. More information

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Why should I submit potential members to NACM?"

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Congratulations for Certified Credit Executive (CCE) Professional Designation Achievements go to:

Shanna Sorge, CCE, Easton Technical Products

Chris Record, CCE, Young Electric Sign Company

Traits of a Good Credit Manager

by Nina Flurer, CCE, H & E Equipment

I've recently been trying to hire for some empty desks in my department. Faced with writing up job descriptions, I began to question the traits I am looking for in a good credit manager. Sure, there are basic skill sets I can look for; i.e. the ability to use a telephone and balance a checkbook are a couple of skills I assume we need to have. But, what else makes a good credit manager? I began to ask some of my peers and looked around to observe the attributes of my more successful colleagues. Here are a few of the traits I found in most of the more notable credit professionals:

1. Be a good salesman - It's counter intuitive, I know. After all, aren't we often fighting sales? Actually, when you get down to it, a good sales professional is highly skilled at getting past "no." A credit professional has to do the same. A credit manager needs to be able to sell the customer on the idea of paying you first. You need to be able to "read" people and know the best way to approach them to get the results you need. You also need to know how to negotiate. So, how do you develop those skills? Well, practice for one thing. As you collect, pay attention to what works and what doesn't work. NACM often offers teleconferences and seminars on collection and negotiation techniques. Take advantage of that. Talk to your sales staff as well. You'd be surprised what you can pick up at the water cooler if you just ask someone their opinion on the best way to approach their customer which leads me to the next successful trait. View full article

NACM Names New Director

NACM Business Credit Services is pleased to announce Duane A. Lee, CCE, Director of Credit, SOS Staffing Services, has accepted the position of Director on the NACM Board of Directors. Mr. Lee fills the vacancy that was created when Nicole Hicks, CBF, Allied Building Products, moved out of state in support of her husband serving in the military.

Duane found accounting to be a nice fit because he likes working with numbers. He graduated with an Accounting degree from Brigham Young University. He devoted 14 years in various positions with the Huntsman family of companies. One of those positions was Credit Manager for Huntsman Packaging, and he's been in credit ever since. Duane has 32 years experience in finance with 18 of those years dealing directly with Credit. Duane received his CCE professional designation July of 2003 and enjoys attending various NACM meetings and the association with other credit professionals. View full article

My Journey
By Shanna Sorge, CCE, Easton Technical Products

My journey began a few years back at a NACM function where everyone that had a CCE designation was asked to stand. I remember thinking, " I could be one of those people." So the very next day, I decided that I would start taking the appropriate classes so that MY professional designation journey could begin. It began with the CBA, then soon after that the CBF. Along the way I had a few people ask, why was being able to stand up so important? Why were those three letters, CCE, behind a name so important? I wanted them more than anything, and I knew I could do it!

A year ago as I was preparing to take my CCE exam, a lot of turmoil was happening in my personal life. I asked myself if I should postpone the CCE exam which I finally decided to do so that I could totally focus. When the judge signed my divorce papers, I knew I was ready! I wanted to be able to stand up at the next NACM function as a CCE. I wanted to point to what I had accomplished even with adversity around me! View full article   

By Whitney Davidson, CBA, Sunroc Building Materials, Inc.

I was reading a story to my grandson the other night which was the "Parable of the Pencil." I wanted to read this to him as it helped me when my mom read it to me at his age. The pencil maker took the Pencil aside, just before putting him in the box.

"There are five things you need to know, " he told the Pencil, "Before I send you into the world, always remember them and never forget, and you will become the best Pencil you can be."

"One: You will be able to do so many great things, but only if you allow yourself to be held in someone's hand." View full article

2011 Fall Outing

The NACM Fall Outing was held on Friday, September 23, 2011, at Eaglewood Golf Course in North Salt Lake.This year's golf tournament presented an unusual situation for Official Tournament Score Keeper, Tyler Steenblik, CCE, Young Electric Sign Company. There was a three way tie for first place team. A drawing was held to determine 1st, 2nd & 3rd place teams. Congratulations to the tournament winners: 

1st Place Team - Geneva Rock Products, Inc. Team - Mark Jones, Wayne Olsen, Howard Watts, Rick Newton

2nd Place Team -
April Tanner, Kimball Equipment, Debbie Christensen, Schmidt Sign, and Toni & Keith Larsen

3rd Place Team
 - Wright Express Team - Dan Simpson, CCE, Tommy Le, Ryan Stack, Max Togisala
View full article