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Oct 01 2014
Published by NACM Business Credit Services and ICEL 
E-News October 2014

In This Issue
- Make the Banging Stop!
- Setting Proper Credit Limits
- How Do You Respond?
- Even Better Than Butter
- ICEL Mtg Recap: Credit Metrics
- I've Come a Long Way
- CSI: Credit Specialist Investigations

Looking Ahead


Oct 9 - ICEL - Utah Food Bank Drive ICEL will be accepting donations of non-perishable food items at the Oct 9 meeting for the Utah Food Bank. All who donate will receive a ticket to be placed in a drawing for movie passes.

Oct 9 - ICEL - Gadgets to the Rescue, an IT panel discussion - get results on the job! More info 

Oct 29 - Credit Boot Camp - Basic Training in A/R, Collection and Credit Management  More info 

Nov 5 - Mechanics' Lien Seminar
More info and online registration

Why should I submit potential members to NACM?"

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers. It's not just a one-way street. more Info



Make the Banging Stop!

by Wayne Jarvis, CBA, Ferguson Enterprises

Do you ever wonder why sales people do what they do without any advance warning or at least a "Look Out!" before a new credit application or new job shows up on your desk? Read full article 

Setting Proper Credit Limits

by Ryan Palmer, CCE, LKL Associates

How many of us have to deal with a customer going over, doubling or tripling their credit limits? How can we make sure that we have realistic expectations of credit limits per customer? Read full article 

ICEL Chair Message
How Do You Respond?

by Shane Inglesby, CCE, Geneva Rock Products, Inc.

All of us are busy. I get that. Just because you're busy doesn't mean you can't be courteous in responding to your emails. I'm referring to taking the time to properly ... Read full article

Even Better Than Butter

by Melissa Mickelsen, CCE, Geneva Rock Products, Inc.

Recently, I exchanged several emails with a potential customer to obtain information needed to extend credit. A few hours after the information was received and the credit had been extended, I received another email from the customer . . . Read full article 

ICEL Meeting Recap:
Credit Metrics

by Erik Wright, CBF, Spectrum Engineers, Inc.

In September, Shane Norman, CCE, from Wheeler Machinery, provided us with some valuable information regarding the use of Credit Metrics and reasons why and how they are tracked. Read full article 

I've Come a Long Way

by Barbara Mackay, Intermountain Concrete Specialties 

Many years ago in my very first job, a supervisor told me that I would probably not make it very far in the business world . . ."Look at me now, Norma." Read full article 

CSI: Credit Specialist Investigations

by Anonymous

I've heard that as you get older, you open your mouth and say something that sounds exactly like your parents would say, but I didn't think that was true of our Credit Manager! Read full article