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Apr 01 2015
Published by NACM Business Credit Services and ICEL 
E-News April 2015

In This Issue
- Credit Professionalism
- NACM Board Candidates
- Synergy and Change
- Credit Confessions: I Wish I were AT&T
- ICEL Recap: John Bytheway
- ICEL Spotlight: Rich Harkness
- Attitude of Gratitude

Looking Ahead

April 9 - ICEL - Credit Panel Discussion. Panel Members: Jo Anne, Mills, CCE, Deseret Book, Barbara Mackay, Intermountain Concrete Specialties, and Tyler Steenblik, CCE, Young Elelctric Sign Company More info

The Best Day of the Year to be a Member!
April 24 -
NACM Spring Banquet and Stock Holders' Meeting at the Gathering Place at Gardner Village More info
Dinner - Prizes - Good Friends

Apr 27 - Mechanics' Lien Seminar Speaker Dana Farmer, President, LienCounsel walks you through his step-by-step process!
More info 

2015 Credit Congress & Expo
May 17-20, 2015
More info and registration


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Why should I submit potential members to NACM?"

Help gain information on your customers. As a member, their information could help build the database on your customers. It's not just a one-way street. more Info



Credit Professionalism

by Erik Wright, CBF, Spectrum Engineers, Inc.

Professionalism is the glue that holds things together in a tough economic environment, builds rapport with clients and management, and it is the subtle part of almost every concern or discussion that NACM advocates. Whether we are discussing credit processes and procedures or other business practices, the ethics, image, and perceived values you bring to your decision-making are always the basis of the publications, meetings, seminars, and activities NACM sponsors. Beyond providing members with the tools and continuing education to be successful, NACM effectively creates Credit Professionals. Read full article

New Designation Holder
Melissa Nielson, CBA, KSL Broadcasting

NACM Board Candidates

Each year, three members of the NACM Board of Directors retire and three new board members are elected to replace them. Read full article  

The candidates for this year's open board positions are (in alphabetical order):

ICEL Chair Article
Synergy and Change

by Shane Inglesby, CCE, Geneva Rock Products, Inc.

For synergy to be achieved, an environment of mutual trust and respect must exist. The egos of all attendees, including managers, must be checked at the door for the meeting to be productive.  Brainstorming requires the comfort level to express seemingly simple ideas to allow others to receive and, hopefully, perfect those ideas by other participants.

The most important component for successful brainstorming is to acknowledge that there are no "stupid" ideas. Those in attendance must be open to all that is expressed to ensure they will not stand "in judgment" of whatever is said. A seemingly simple seed of thought can germinate into a thriving, productive idea, procedure or activity when planted in an environment where others provide "nutrients" to promote growth. Read full article 


Credit Confessions: I Wish I were AT&T

by Anonymous

Okay, I don't advocate violence, but there are days when I wish I had the power to "reach out and touch someone" with a stick!

I think I'm a very patient person when it comes to allowing people to tell me their stories, make their sales pitch and I actively listen to them. Today, I received a phone call from a third party collection agency sales person who attempted to persuade me to use his company for our outstanding collection accounts, but it seemed more like an interrogation than a sales pitch. . . Read full article 

ICEL Recap
John Bytheway

by Erik Wright, CBF, Spectrum Engineers. Inc.

Like that timeless comedy sketch between the barber and his customer in the country-music variety show "Hee-Haw" John Bytheway reminded us that depending upon our perspective we can see the good in what otherwise would seem to be bad. During our trials or difficult times, we often fail to see the big picture and focus on the negative aspects of what lies immediately before us. However, each of us can look back at our lives and see that the difficult times often brought wonderful opportunities or blessings, provided we give it a little 'time and perspective.' Read full article  


ICEL Spotlight:
Rich Harkess, Maverik

by Ryan Palmer, CCE, LKL Associates

Rich was born and raised in Utah growing up in Highland before anyone wanted to live there. He attended Jordan High and played catcher on his high school baseball team. He attended Snow College where he continued his education and baseball career.

He was hired by Maverik and moved credit/collections to SLC where he oversees all credit processes of Maverik.  Read full article  


Attitude of Gratitude

by Susan Lujan, CCE, Kenworth Sales Co.

I am blessed. I'm blessed with family and friends and people who have given me opportunities. I am grateful for each lesson learned and relationship made. I could not be who or where I am without these people in my life.

A genuine Thank You with an Attitude of Gratitude has four distinct parts in whatever order works for you. They are . . . Read full article